Visions and goals

Why renewal?

Throughout history, man has not possessed a common and unified global culture – in the full sense of this word – as man possesses it today.
And when you talk to the other, you are talking to a new person. The unified global culture has contributed and is still contributing to sculpting himself and rebuilding his ideas and his societal identity.
This modern global culture imposed on everyone plays a pivotal role in changing the components of the individual and societal system of today’s man.
It is not at all wise to deal with this new human being in the same ways, mechanisms, and intellectual, cultural, and value systems that our fathers used to deal with the human being of yesterday!


We believe that the religious and Islamic heritage is a living and fertile heritage, capable of giving birth to new, lively and rejuvenating readings, and finding real and flexible approaches between the divine religions with all their history, legacy and authentic heritage on the one hand, and between today’s human being with all its promising human heritage and products on the other hand. .
From this platform, we announce to all our loved ones that the “Tajdid” Center believes that it brings to humanity a new and promising reading of the system of religious and Islamic heritage, a moving reading that is able to keep pace with the times, and the real contribution to accomplishing all of this, and moving forward in raising the banner of religious and human rooting and renewal.


1- Supporting and sponsoring all doctrinal, religious, intellectual and cultural projects.
2- Standing before the phenomenon of the noticeable societal decline in the levels of intellectual and cultural awareness, especially among the youth, for many reasons, the most important of which is the chaotic accumulation and overlap between the different societal cultures.
3- Filling the large void left by the lack of tight and discreet intellectual and cultural organizations, centers and institutions that are capable of embracing young people, developing their energies and discovering their intellectual and cultural creativity.
4- Activating the pivotal role of women in the intellectual and cultural fields, in light of what we observe today of a great absence of their role in the intellectual and cultural fields.
5- Serious interest in specialized lessons in all religious, doctrinal, intellectual and cultural fields.
6- Paying special attention to purposeful media and activating the well-studied role of virtual reality and social networking sites.
7- Issuing books, magazines, periodicals and novels directly related to the intellectual and cultural fields.
8- Holding educational and training courses.
9- Holding seminars, evenings, and intellectual and cultural conferences.
10- Active participation in various scientific and cultural forums.